Our history

We all know those grandmothers and grandfathers remedy recipe our grandparents gave us. They are very precious to us and above all, of incomparable efficient.

For our part, we have much more than one trick in our hat. We have a well-kept ancestral secret recipe This Quebec own has stood the test of time and fought many flues during flu season and has been that way for over 100 years.

No other secret “What we say is what we do” : we relieve coughs naturally!

Our compound contains 100% pure fir gum and is filtered to retain its liquid form. It is a natural product derived from a Native American recipe dating back to the end of the 18th century. This product is so effective it kept its original recipe. Only its packaging that has been given a new look.

Proudly from Quebec, we will not change a winning recipe and will be ready to face the other 100 years to come!

But who is behind Sapin Fortin?

“Even if he was neither a doctor nor a pharmacist, Mr. Charles Fortin is the one to whom we owe the famous Sapin Fortin compound syrup for coughs, one of the few Quebec remedies still existing. The remedy was initially recommended for tuberculosis, but it was found to have amazing virtues during the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918. “

Do you want to learn more and read more about the origin of our “Fir Compound” syrup? It’s right here:


Our “Composé Sapin” and “Sapin Santé” syrups have a Canadian D.I.N. as a multi-use natural products.

Origins of fir gum

The Natives quickly introduced the French colonists to the multiple uses they made out of fir gum: a remedy for influenza, scurvy, cuts and burns.

Under the French regime, the harvesting of fir gum quickly became an activity from which «coureurs des bois» (runner of the woods) and trappers were able have seasonal extra income. Fir gum was one of the essential items in French Canadian folk medicine.

In Quebec, the artisanal harvest of fir gum is still the subject of a small seasonal trade. The resin is obtained from it which is sold locally as a natural remedy and in international markets for various industrial uses.