The exact same recipe for over a 100 years!

For over 100 years the Sapin Fortin Company has produced a product called 'Fortin Fir-Compound' that fights against coughs caused by asthma, the flu, colds, bronchitis, etc.

It is a natural product sold in liquid form, made from an old Native recipe from the end of the 18th Century used by people working in the woods (lumberjacks) during the winter.

Today we use the exact same recipe from this period, with the exception of a few updated improvements including a much better container and a label.

Our product is available in all pharmacies and discount stores and department stores all over the province of Quebec and Maritime Provinces, as well as in a few Western provinces and in all Natural Health stores.

Production of the product takes place during a certain period of the year in a lab and facility dedicated solely to its production situated in the city of Thetford Mines, Quebec. Our team of qualified and professional chemists ensures the utmost quality of the product.

Our manufacturing agent takes care of any sales needs you may have, their offices are situated in Laval, Quebec.

This is the only product of its kind on the market right now, and we are planning to develop even more Fir-Tree derivative products.

Fortin Fir Compound has a Canadian Drug Identification Number for multi-use natural products.

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